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We all need to get better at automation - there is no greater joy than getting rid of repetitive tasks which soak of up too much time. This post from MatchHR on how to use Zapier and Integromat to increase your operating efficiency might give you some inspiration. Must read folks
H/T to brainfooder Michiel Wiersema for the share
Issue #246 published 27 Jun 2021
To celebrate unfashionable Brentford FC’s promotion to the English Premier League, this thread on the revolutionary philosophy brought by owner, professional sports gambler and moneyball enthusiast, Matthew Benham, is well worth a read. Big lessons here?
  1. Don’t do what everyone else is doing
  2. Scoop up and develop someone else’s talent
  3. Challenge & change legacy KPI’s
It’s a brilliant story, highly relevant to us here. Must read
Issue #243 published 6 Jun 2021
Recruiting As Competitive Advantage
Like it when non-recruiters write about recruitment. We can see how other people see the topics, without unnecessary refinement or overly cautious fence sitting. Redpoint Ventures MD Tomasz Tunguz here with a short, accessible post on the cost-of-a-bad-hire at exec level. Note also the inclusion of a candidate’s ‘network value’ as an integral consideration to the quality of hire.
Issue #243 published 6 Jun 2021
As a rule of thumb using the above chart, we can assume that if you’re on a path to raising $50m in your first 4 years of business, you’d want to be hiring roughly 4–5 people a quarter every quarter for the first 18 months….
Great piece of research from brainfooder Maddy Cross, on what type of team you’re going to need if you want to go from startup to scale up. Complete with role / function / seniority breakdown. Kind of a must read for tech recruiters. H/T brainfooder Sushobhan Mukherjee for the share in the fb group
Issue #241 published 23 May 2021
Brainfooder John Vlastelica with a scintillating post on the challenges to culture whilst hiring at break neck speed. New people hiring new people? Yeah, that is a potential problem. This is brilliant - as all of John’s stuff is - so have a read here.
Issue #239 published 9 May 2021
Mapping Out A Career In Engineering
Mapping out career paths seems a popular sub topic in this community, so I’m going to try and share some more examples as I find them. This one here from Envato is on Engineering career paths is quite good (full screen the embedded slide deck)
H/T brainfooder Simon McSorley for the share in the fb group
Issue #237 published 23 Apr 2021
RPO: Friend or Foe?
Brilliant, no frills, how to guide from brainfooder Jon Hull, the Head of Resource Delivery at Nationwide, on how to work with Recruitment Process Outsourcers (RPO)‘s. We missed Jon’s contribution on Brainfood Live on this topic, so amazing to see him document what he was going to contribute in this way. Have a read if you are, or plan to, work with a RPO
Issue #237 published 23 Apr 2021
Some meta curation for you - this list of HR benchmarks by brainfooder Anh Tran is well researched, referenced and organised. Of value regardless of the stage of hiring maturity - take a look, here
Issue #236 published 18 Apr 2021
Nice post from our friends at (Transfer)Wise. We need to see more of these public retro’s on how TA teams have done X or Y. This one is on how Wise have developed their approach to career mapping. Have a read here, and a deeper dive into how it looks like from the employee side.
Issue #235 published 11 Apr 2021
The Infinite Conflict of Hiring
NFX get their portfolio to produce some really great blogs. They are fascinating because they are generally written by non-specialists who have had to think about recruitment, bringing concepts and language from other disciplines into our field. No rocket science in this post, but the perspective on trade offs is useful. H/T to brainfooder Denys Dinkevych for the share
Issue #234 published 4 Apr 2021
Company case studies on recruitment operating procedure have proven to be popular in brainfood, so this transcript of a workshop by Greenhouse Co-founder and long time brainfooder Jon Stross with Alison dela Cruz (trivago) and Matthias Schmeißer (Scout24) should be valuable to us here. Good read for anyone who cares about recruitment efficiency / quality - check it out here.
Issue #233 published 28 Mar 2021
Three things to admire with this; 1) Transparency of the retrospective 2) clear process which others can replicate or draw inspiration from 3) That Typeform actually have a Head of Content producing stuff like this. Which, incidentally, also serves effectively serves as a recruitment ad. Have a read here H/T to brainfooder Simon McSorley in the fb group
Issue #230 published 7 Mar 2021
Lots to like about this post - the transparency of the reporting, the focus on the ‘problem’ as much as the ‘solution’, introducing (to me at least) the idea of scoring the efficiency of the recruiting process. Fascinating to see non-specialist managers bring their systems / methods to hiring. Must read folks. H/T to brainfooder Denys Dinkevych for the share.
Issue #229 published 28 Feb 2021
We’ve talked about internal mobility many times on Brainfood Live. It is clear that one of the main ways to make it happen is to have a team dedicated to it - internal recruiters, in the true sense of the term. This, amongst, several other cultural innovations, has been the key to success in Salesforce’s program. Great case study, accessibly written, must read for everyone here.
Issue #229 published 28 Feb 2021
“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure”
Do you make data driven hiring decisions? We should try to (I think) but we always need to remember what data is - flawed measurements of some activities and events, not all activities and events. This excellent post is about running a business based on metrics and perils of ‘doing what you measure’. Relevant whenever we think about recruiting KPI’s…..have a read.
Issue #224 published 24 Jan 2021
Day 2: DownSizing The Team
Imagine that on the second day of your new job…..you get told to ‘focus’ the team - code for downsizing. How do you decide who loses their jobs? Tough situation relayed by OP, a CTO in this case, struggling with the challenge of making this decision. His framework for doing so, is well thought out and well worth a read.
Issue #223 published 17 Jan 2021
Great bit of crowdsourcing from LinkedIn; you could do worse than simply make note of each of these themes to use as a checklist for things you got to cover in 2021. My faves? Focus on hiring flexible work - we recruiters need new hiring models, tools, processes for this, and Internal mobility - TA have got to take ownership of the ‘talent marketplace’. Have a read here
Issue #223 published 17 Jan 2021
Is Dr John Sullivan suddenly now more prolific? I hope so, as he always has something interesting, useful or contentious to say. This falls into the middle category - pretty much you can copy this scorecard if you’re not already doing it. H/T to brainfooder Martin Poole for the share
Issue #222 published 10 Jan 2021
Dr. John Sullivan is not as prolific as he once was, but when he does produce commentary it is always worth paying attention to. This short prediction piece starts off with a firework, HR’s paternalistic overreach. Definitely brainfood for us - have a read. H/T to brainfooder Martin Poole for the share
Issue #221 published 3 Jan 2021
Optimistic notes for 2021 from one of the big inspirations for our community last year, brainfooder Lars Schmidt. Have a read of these 7 points here, and make sure to contrast with Dr J’s more pessimistic look further below. Also watch out for Lars’ fireside chat series - looks like a fantastic virtue tour to follow this year.
Issue #221 published 3 Jan 2021
The shift to remote really underlined how inefficient on premise recruiting was, especially on the interviewing logistics. This recruiter survey from Yello presents some amazing statistics, such as 2/3rds of overall hiring time being spent on scheduling tasks. We’ll do better in 2021, surely. H/T brainfooder Laura Green for the share.
Issue #220 published 27 Dec 2020
Any one of FirstRound’s posts could probably have made this list Best of compilation but this post - part interview / part case study with Patreon’s Head of People Lucia Guillory is an exemplar of the form which manages to relay practical how-to information through the medium of a human story.
Issue #220 published 27 Dec 2020
Short but (bitter)sweet excerpt from LinkedIn Global Talent Report on the state of the recruiting budget. Going to decrease obviously, as employers play a cautious game and TA, turns inward. Worth a scan, but do compare with the Firm’s members survey below, which strikes a more optimistic note.
Issue #219 published 20 Dec 2020
The company has added 427,300 employees in 10 months, bringing its global work force to more than 1.2 million. The closest comparisons are the hiring that entire industries carried out in wartime, such as shipbuilding during the early years of World War II or home building after soldiers returned, economists and corporate historians said.
Incredible post on Amazon’s pandemic inducing hiring spree, with several good ideas emerging in the report, including having a dedicated group whose job was a nurture relationships with other companies, in order to be in position to support anticipated furlough / redundancy. No one is doing recruiting like Amazon. H/T brainfooder Chris Raw for the share in the fb group
Issue #217 published 6 Dec 2020
We’re talking about Recruitment Process Automation in Brainfood Live this Friday (sign up) so this list of use cases for one of the most accessible and popular automation tools - PhantomBuster - is pretty handy. Obviously a bit of marketing literature, but some decent checklist breaking down the repeat activities we recruiters tend to do a lot of. Have a read.
Issue #216 published 29 Nov 2020
A New Work Ecosystem
Brainfooder Kevin Wheeler is doing a huge amount of the intellectual heavy lifting when it forecasting the future of the talent acquisition department. Reaching back a couple decades to revive the Shamrock model for the post pandemic era is a testament to the breadth of knowledge from different eras he can bring to bear on the topic. Essential reading for anyone in TA
Issue #215 published 23 Nov 2020
The Ultimate Hiring Guide
Great value add content from Juggle Jobs. Particularly brave in naming vendors and describing what they may be best for (glad to see several sponsors of brainfood mentioned in there btw). You’re not going to like everything in this how-to but there is enough of it to be practically useful to a lot of recruiters, so download here. H/T brainfooder Denys Dinkevych for the share
Issue #214 published 16 Nov 2020
The move to substack has really freed up Kevin Wheeler to expand on his writing. We all benefit from this, as we can see from this excellent post speculating on what a future structure of TA might look like. The challenge remains that organisations are designed with two often competing purposes in mind 1) for optimising performance the depart vs 2) provide career development for the individual. Those two things don’t align. H/T Bas van de Haterd for share in the fb group
Issue #213 published 9 Nov 2020
No DE&I measures in this compilation? Disappointing but debate for another moment. As it is, this remains a useful primer / reminder for those who are reviewing how to measure recruitment performance in your business. HT to Denys Dinkevych for the share
Issue #213 published 9 Nov 2020
“I want to know how competitively we pay in the market for all our roles”.
Have you ever been asked this question👆? If you haven’t, its only a matter of time, so this post from Alistair Fraser is a super useful overview of the challenges, mistakes-to-avoid, tools you can use - if you ever have to answer the question. Have a read here
Issue #213 published 9 Nov 2020
One of the main roles the HR Generalist currently serves is as a human switchboard for the maze of HR services.
Hard to argue with eloquence like this 👆. Brilliant essay by the brilliant John Sumser. Have a read if you’re interested in digital transformation and the necessary emergence of a new role.
Issue #213 published 9 Nov 2020
…probably going to be the next big job in recruiting too. Using ‘no code’ (max 1 year before we lose the air quotes) applications to replace human labour is probably close to tipping point if software developers themselves are thinking about it. Have a read here - a pathway for some of us, for sure.
Issue #207 published 27 Sep 2020
18 Recruiting Metrics To Track 
Its fashionable to knock recruiting KPI’s but that doesn’t mean you won’t read this post, because it is rather good on the all the recruiting metrics we do really still need to use. Free template too, as a bonus. H/T brainfooder Denys Dinkevych for the share.
Issue #202 published 23 Aug 2020
HR KPIs & Talent Strategy Scorecard
Some classic - and now fashionable to malign - Recruiting & HR KPI’s here, including yield ratio, retention ratio, and ROI. Great overview post, particularly useful if you are in the process of creating / renewing a balanced scorecard. H/T to brainfooder Denys Dinkevych for the share
Issue #201 published 16 Aug 2020
People Ops as a Product 🚀
The body of knowledge on recruitment operations is growing, and this post from brainfooder Jessica Hayes is a great addition. Are there parallels between RecOps & Product? Not obviously, but having this read this post, maybe….
Issue #200 published 9 Aug 2020
‘Holistic People Ops’? Cynics going to cynic but I really like the base idea of expanding scope; it is critical that HR / TA functions do this, especially in the light of shrinking FTE as a percentage of the workforce population. This is a great read, as you can expect from First Round.
Issue #197 published 19 Jul 2020
Outstanding thinking from brainfooder John Vlastelica whose suggestion of focusing on the work rather than the ‘ideal candidate profile’ may be a critical step to not only diversifying your talent pool, but also elevating the role of recruiter from provider to advisor. Must read
Issue #197 published 19 Jul 2020
Fascinating story coming out of Berlin of a team of laid off engineers who pitched and got hired as a team. Particularly interesting to see how standard recruitment artefacts emerge organically from the process - role allocation, record keeping protocols, kind of a reversed hiring funnel, and even a proto-ATS.
Issue #193 published 21 Jun 2020
Excellent overview of ‘Talent Intelligence’ by brainfooder Marie Herlihy. There is a healthy mixture of research, theory and call-to-action in this post on the competitor talent pools.
Issue #191 published 7 Jun 2020
Spotify’s Failed #SquadGoals
The co-author of the Spotify model2 and multiple agile coaches who worked at Spotify have been telling people to not copy it for years. Unfortunately, truth doesn’t spread as quickly or as widely as an idea people want to believe in.
This post is less about Spotify, and more about us wanting to believe in miracle frameworks to solve complex challenges. Which - if we’re honest - may always be with us as a basic condition of collaborating with others. Extraordinary insiders diagnostic on Spotify’s Squads
Issue #191 published 7 Jun 2020
Tesla's Return-to-Work Playbook
Elon Musk lost some serious brown points over his approach to Covid-19, but that should not take away from this excellent guide his company has put together for inevitable return to the factory. H/T brainfooder Denys Dinkevych for the share
Issue #190 published 31 May 2020
Is hiring more people always the answer? Of course, we know it isn’t, but perhaps have never seen the reason why so well described as in this superb 5 minute lesson to the wise. Not sure what category this should go under, other than ‘must watch’
Issue #190 published 31 May 2020
How to Establish a No-Meeting Day
Creating space in your week for deep work and intense problem solving can be tough. Why not set aside a meeting-free day with your team?
Sounds like a dream. But it’s really a technique as GSD practitioners will already know. H/T Martyn Redstone for the share in the fb group
Issue #187 published 10 May 2020
The Recruitment Codex
Nice piece of work from brainfooder Simon McSorley, whose team at Crew has created ’the Recruitment Codex’ - a visualisation of the skills, activities & tools recruiters use. Cool and useful, I think
Issue #186 published 3 May 2020
Whilst Hire by Google is heading for the sunset, we might as well grab the great content they’ve pulled together in the short time they’ve been around. This post is typical - easy to understand, high value, do-it-today advice. Have a read here
Issue #159 published 23 Apr 2020
Really interesting insight from brainfooder John Vlastelica - how curiosity underpins knowledge acquisition and thereforefore adaptability, and therefore might be the most important attribute to look for when hiring for a recruiter. Is there a way to foster/cultivate curiosity? More bandwidth would be a start. Great read.
Issue #174 published 23 Apr 2020
Did I tell you that Hire by Google have a great recruiting blog? They have a great recruiting blog. Another accessible gem here, a how-to post on creating a decent recruitment flow chart. It’s easy, high value reading so have at it here
Issue #138 published 23 Apr 2020
I’ve come across this post quite late, which is disappointing, because it is really rather good. Agree or disagree as you wish, but someone needed to put it down in writing as to when and how you should grow your recruiting team. Harver have done it, so take a look here.
Issue #138 published 23 Apr 2020
It’s a sign of the times that disaster planning for actual disasters is becoming a necessary part of the role of HR. As Hurricane Irma barrels in Florida, it’s up to HR leaders like brainfooder Robin Schooling to outline how best to prepare the workforce for it.
Issue #151 published 23 Apr 2020
Have you heard of ‘Self Service Hiring’? The recruiter is not the operator but the facilitator, and hiring is best done …by the hiring managers. Superb post from brainfooder Deborah Caulet on the unique process that’s been developed at Blinkist
Issue #177 published 23 Apr 2020
It’s pretty clear that Yello are going for it when it comes to dominating the conversation around Recruitment Operations. They’ve got yet another fantastic post on the topic, this time leveraging survey data in order to provide a benchmark for us in 2020. Must read folks, so do it here.
Issue #162 published 23 Apr 2020
Most of us don’t get past cost-per-hire / time-to-hire, so here’s a handy list of 20 of the most useful recruiting metrics - and how to calculate them - courtesy of one of the best vendor side blogs around, Hire by Google. Check it out here
Issue #137 published 23 Apr 2020
Definitive Guide to Hiring Success
Who wants an operating guide for hiring success? This is what our buddies at SmartRecruiters have produced with this superb guidebook for Talent Acquisition leaders. It’s packed with data and actionable insight, available as an interactive website and downloadable PDF. No email registration, just go ahead and grab it.
Issue #165 published 23 Apr 2020
I had the pleasure of seeing John Vlastelica from the front row at the Brainfood tent at RecFest19 earlier this year. No question it was one of the best deliveries I’ve ever seen on stage. This is the transcript of the same talk - 9 steps you can take that allow you to show up as a talent advisor to your hiring managers - must read.
Issue #165 published 23 Apr 2020
Recruiting Recruiters
When should you hire a recruiter? As soon as possible, we would all say, but somehow the message doesn’t always get through to the business. This great post by Amy Moody Knapp not only makes this case but also shows founders what to look for in a recruiter and how to assess for it. Accessible and valuable read - one you might like to share to your non-recruiter colleagues also.
Issue #150 published 23 Apr 2020
Am I Operating As A Talent Advisor?
This post is basically all about the Talent Advisor Diagnostic Tool - a downloadable one pager you can use to benchmark the status you and your recruitment team has in relation to your hiring managers. It’s from brainfooder John Vlastetica so you know it’s going to be good.
Issue #178 published 23 Apr 2020
Excellent overview of the strategy employed by IBM to change TA - by first changing the TA function. Some worthy ideas baked in the the strategy - differentiated candidate experience, deep specialisations and new roles in the TA function and helping candidates self select out. Must read folks.
Issue #135 published 23 Apr 2020
2019 Talent Benchmarks Report
Signature report from our buddies at Lever, this 2019 Talent Benchmarks report is a must read for anyone who cares about measuring hiring efficiency. H/T to ‘foodie Deborah Caulet for the share. View or download the report here
Issue #141 published 23 Apr 2020
More quality content from our buddies at Google Hire - one of the most consistent vendor blogs out there. Most important takeaway fo me is the use visual support - this post itself providing the example - and the establishment a consistent reporting cadence.
Issue #141 published 23 Apr 2020
The Return of RecOps
“Recruitment Operations” …becoming a favourite for us brainfooders, so it makes sense to listen to what actual practitioners make of the term. Great timing on this post from our buddies at Zinc.Work. Have a read here
Issue #161 published 23 Apr 2020
Sad I didn’t get the chance to meet with Jeff Moore when I was in the Bay Area last week. He is one of the few to combine operational work as a high end recruiter with consistently highly quality content output. This, along with his other posts, is another must read.
Issue #126 published 23 Apr 2020
What is Recruitment Operations?
It’s the function-within-a-function which is finally getting the corporate recognition it needs. Dedicated resource focussing on process improvements, tech and tools, business alignment and the rest. Great summary post from Yello here on what RecOps really is. Also check out the Larder for more posts on the topic.
Issue #157 published 23 Apr 2020
Top take away for me on this recent report from LinkedIn Talent Solutions was the entry of non-recruiters into senior roles in the talent function - a phenomena which we should welcome. Have a read of the other 6 points here
Issue #160 published 23 Apr 2020
What makes a great sourcer? Could be GoodCall might know as they’ve gone and built the largest sourcing centre in Central & Eastern Europe. Great breakdown from brainfooder Jose Kadlec on their internal hiring process for the best sourcers.
Issue #160 published 23 Apr 2020
‘Recruitment operations’ is making a late run for being the buzzword of the year. Yello’s post on this topic was a hit in brainfood Issue 157, and this expanded ultimate guide from the same authors is sure to be as popular. You’re going to read this at some point, so you might as well do it now.
Issue #160 published 23 Apr 2020
Never underestimate the power of a well designed spreadsheet. LinkedIn’s Product team came up with an Interviewer Scorecard to develop and recognize their star interviewers. Here it is, and this is the write up about it.
Issue #155 published 23 Apr 2020
Top 5 Recruiting Challenges of CEOs
What are the top recruiting challenges of CEOs? A question raised by our buddies at Workable, who asked me to input on the responses the surveyed CEO gave. We’re talking confidence, replication, delegation and culture. Have a read
Issue #155 published 23 Apr 2020
Do you think about your intake meeting or just show up and take notes? It’s a process recruiters have to pay more attention to explains ‘foodie Brendan Browne, LinkedIn’s head of recruiting. Here’s his checklist he and his team use at every intake meeting - worth a regular re-read.
Issue #146 published 23 Apr 2020
Been meaning to share this post by Aline Learner for a while; it’s an outstanding example of thinking about ‘assessment load’ - the pressure we recruiter place on HM and technical assessors when we design our recruiting processes. Complete with handy spreadsheet
Issue #172 published 23 Apr 2020
Typically useful post by the Hire by Google content team. Cost-per-hire is a metric that isn’t going to go away any time soon, so we might as well get better at calculating it. Great starter post for folks who’ve never done this, a great refresher for those that have. Have a read here
Issue #149 published 23 Apr 2020
The Complete Company Guide on OKRs
‘Objectives and Key Results’…..OKR’s are an acronym that none of us can get away from these days. I’ll be first the confess that I don’t really know the whys and hows, so this post from Happier was handy for me. Might also be handy for you.
Issue #149 published 23 Apr 2020
Given the popularity of 20 Metrics post in Issue 137, I’m doubling down with this listicle from on HR Metrics. Don’t expect fireworks from this post, but do expect some excellent value.
Issue #140 published 23 Apr 2020
How LinkedIn Targeting Works
LinkedIn were kind enough to send me this PDF on how to use their ad targeting platform. I’m going to do it - are you? Have a read here before you do and we can compare notes.
Issue #140 published 23 Apr 2020