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The creator economy is one of the most exciting avenues for people who have a passion and some method of converting that into revenue. But what happens to the passion when you succeed? Fascinating reflections on a future a few of us are likely to pursue.
Issue #267 published 21 Nov 2021
Eze Vidra is doing some interesting work tracking the growth of the ‘creator economy’, particularly given his work as an investor in startup. This post, where he attempts to identify potential opportunities for new startups in this new space, ends up being a pretty comprehensive overview of the whole creator economy.
Issue #264 published 31 Oct 2021
Using this post to create a new category here; it’s pretty clear that creators require a different classification to that of freelancer or entrepreneur or gig worker and - as this index from Stripe shows, they are increasing part of the new economy. Total number of creators on Stripe? 668,000 and counting….
Issue #263 published 24 Oct 2021