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File this post under ‘didn’t know, afraid to ask’ - an excellent overview of the difference between two terms which are often conflated. Kind of a must read I think
Issue #209 published 11 Oct 2020
At what point does people analytics become employee surveillance? Remote working digitises the remaining analogue elements of employee collaboration, leading to greater data driven decision making - and at the very same type - contravention of worker privacy. This story is going to run and run folks.
Issue #205 published 13 Sep 2020
A call to action from brainfooder Toby Culshaw on the importance of Talent Intelligence for our strategic repositioning within the business. Message is clear: talent acquisition has to expand scope beyond talent acquisition, and being smart with data will be one way to do it.
Issue #202 published 23 Aug 2020
A thread about a Talent Acquisition Maturity Model in the fb group, got me to think about what other maturity models we can find that have been applied to different aspects of our work? This one, about People Analytics, is a pretty good example of why they might be valuable tool. Now is as good a time as any to conduct an assessment, so have at it here
Issue #195 published 5 Jul 2020
We’ve conflated data with truth. And this has dangerous implications for our ability to understand, explain, and improve the things we care about.
Essential read from Andrea Jones-Rooy, Professor of Data Science at NYU. Perfect antidote to online arguments where your interlocutor goes ‘where’s the data on that?’
Issue #158 published 23 Apr 2020
More stuff from the US military, and as you might expect, it is both impressive and worrisome in equal measure. A new AI-enabled pilot project aims to sense “micro changes” in the behaviour of people with top-secret clearances. If it works, it could be the future…
Issue #156 published 23 Apr 2020
J'accuse recruiters / HR people of pretending to know more about data than they really do. I’m guilty of this, so reading this respectful post by Cassie Kozyrkov was a godsend. You should read this if you don’t know the difference between analytics and statistics; it’s ultra urgent you read it if you think you do.
Issue #156 published 23 Apr 2020
This article has nothing whatsoever to do with Covid-19. But it is perhaps the single best essay I’ve read on people analytics - with the why & how dealt with in a way which stretches your understanding but accessible enough for most of us here.
Issue #182 published 23 Apr 2020
Accessible deconstruction of a critically important topic in HR by Panalyt’s Abdel-rahmen Korichi. This step-by-step guide is an ideal entry point for people wanting to take the next step with People Analytics - if you’re not familiar with it, take a read now. Also a fine example of how to write vendor side content ;-)
Issue #127 published 23 Apr 2020