State of Game Development Industry 2023: Job Search and Hiring Trends
Issue #376
24 Dec 2023
The Games Development industry is massively under reported on brainfood - and it’s something I will be doing a better job of covering in 2024. Reports like this 80 Level is a suprisingly in-depth breakdown of the industry, which significant real estate dedicated to core TA / HR issues like workplace culture, hiring trends, comp & bens and the job search. We don’t have an equivalent for the TA / HR sector, somebody should really create one.
10. World Bank 2023 in Nine Charts: A Growing Inequality
I thought this chart was the most relevant of the 9 discussed in this review post by the World Bank. Working age population flatlines in direct correlation to economic development. Have we timed this perfectly, so that AI / Automation take on human work just at the moment we run out of humans to do it? Or is the talent shortfall in the exactly those sectors where robots no matter how smart can do the job? Lots to think about going into 2024