Will ChatGPT Kill Google?

Issue #321
4 Dec 2022
After experimenting with it for a few days over this week, I think the right answer is ‘not entirely but…’. ChatGPT is an astonishing experience - akin to how I felt when I used the Internet for the first time saw the miracle of information being retrieved from another computer and yet somehow displayed on my screen however many miles away. With ChatGPT, we now have the ability to generate information trained on information we no longer need to retrieve and manually parse. It has profound implications for our online behaviour, including many activities related to recruiting work, from candidate identification, employer branding, lead generation and the rest. Some output examples collected here, and I recorded a short loom demo for those of us who want to see it in action here. Recommend you give it a go folks, and have a think about how this might be applied to your work.