Issue #286
3 Apr 2022
This week’s brainfood is supported by our buddies KANDIDATE
How to Reduce Agency Fees by 50% (at least) in Q2 2022
A Kandidate sourcer will do the heavy lifting for you, building deep pipelines of qualified and engaged talent, sourcing 150+ candidates per role, giving your talent team an extra 50-70% more time to focus on engaging, interviewing, and making offers.
Sourcing is particularly effective for engineering hires as our sourcers use advanced boolean, X Ray Search, social search and databases such as Github, Amazing Hiring and Seek Out (at no extra cost) to uncover otherwise unreachable talent.
Kandidate, helping companies like Airwallex, Essentia Analytics, Zoomo, Trivago, & 50+ scaleups hire better talent and reduce agency fees.