Issue #2
23 Apr 2020
A few years ago, a group of engineers built a version of Facebook that we use internally to make our company more open and help teams work together. It’s an app, but I think about it more as a way of running a company.
At Facebook, we’ve always had an open and transparent culture. We believe helping people share what matters to them and seeing what matters to the people they care about is important – and that is as true at work as it is anywhere else. People do their best work when they have more knowledge of what’s going on at their company, and people work together better when they understand their colleagues.
We’ve strengthened our culture by building tools that reflect our philosophy. Teams now communicate using Messenger, share feedback about what they’re working on in Groups, and participate in discussions happening across the company in a version of News Feed.
Every week I have an open Q&A where employees can ask me any question they want. People vote on the top questions they want me to answer in one of our groups. There are so many examples like this of how we use these tools to make our company more open and work better.
One day, we realized other companies would benefit from using these tools and being more open as well. We started letting a few organizations around the world use our tools – now called Workplace – and the feedback has been very positive. Now more than 1,000 organizations are using Workplace.
Today we’re making Workplace available to any company or organization that wants to use it. Everyone’s experience on Workplace will be different, just like everyone’s experience on Facebook is different. But I think Workplace will help more companies create the kind of open culture that encourages people to connect and share. You can learn more by visiting or by following the Workplace by Facebook page.