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One of the consequences of the US State requirements to publish salaries advertised jobs, is that you can scrape the data and present it into a talent intelligence website. Comprehensive - an aspirational title as it is far from atm, covering only US data and then only data from states where salary transparency is law - but the idea of having a single place aggregating openly declared salaries is more than solid one. From the same folks who built Levels.fyi and promises one day to be equally valuable for US tech recruiters looking to benchmark compensation.
Issue #327 published 15 Jan 2023
Developer Happiness Index 2021
An aggregation of a number of reports and data sets on developer sentiment - specifically how happy they are, whose countries developers are most (un)happy and what might make them this way. Fascinating….and I suspect useful for ambitious employers looking for source sites for global tech recruiting campaigns. Have a read here.
Issue #221 published 3 Jan 2021