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If you read last week’s post on performance advertising (not many of you did!) then this rather magnificent rebuttal is a must read. It’s rare to see intelligent debate carried out this way, where each protagonist takes care to accurately understand the argument of the other. Look forward to the rebuttal of the rebuttal if they have the energy to do it.
This is all relevant to recruitment advertising btw.
Issue #265 published 7 Nov 2021
Strange, under-the-radar update on how google index and display job adverts. The tone is so low key it’s incongruous with the potential significance of the information. Seems to me we should take note of this, especially if your organisation has an active career page.
Issue #265 published 7 Nov 2021
Genius insight on why ad tracking gives you correlation but not causation. It’s got to work differently in job advertising where discovery is the main value, but perhaps not for employer branding related efforts in marketing. Worth chewing over for anyone who posts ads, has a job which drives web traffic, or wants to build brand.
Issue #264 published 31 Oct 2021
You don’t have to have genius insight to get into this newsletter, sometimes you just need to explain what you are doing. This writer just explains his approach to ‘hyper targeting’ using LinkedIn job ads. You got to read it.
Issue #263 published 24 Oct 2021
How To Write Good Job Descriptions
It’s actually a ‘recruitment advert’, but leaving aside this faux pas, the advice on this post poses an interesting question - do we write ads in order to maximise applications (yup) and….is that a good thing? (nope). But we still want to see the volume, don’t we?
Issue #262 published 17 Oct 2021
The Job Board Doctor
Brainfooders Serge Boudreau and Shelley Billinghurst interview the great Jeff Dickey-Chasins on the state of the job boards. Lots happening in the recruitment jobs advertising space, so lets learn about it here
Issue #260 published 3 Oct 2021
The crazy demand for candidates is accelerating innovation and creativity, as old techniques seem exhausted and ineffective. How about audio only job ads? The audio channels are less congested than the visual ones. H/T to brainfooder Simon McSorley in the fb group.
Issue #258 published 19 Sep 2021
Candidate shortage has suddenly become the No1 priority for almost every recruiter I speak to. I wrote this twitter thread, which condenses AppCast’s excellent white paper on how to increase job ad applicant flow. There are 5 do-it-today tips which you can immediately implement. Check it out here. Also, follow my twitter account, I will be doing more threading from now on.
Issue #258 published 19 Sep 2021
The individual we are looking to hire for the role will have previously been convicted of a domestic burglary……
I’m sure we all agree of the need to actively support the criminally convicted back into the world of work but I have never quite seen it so explicitly stated as this. H/T to brainfooder Matthew Hill for the share in the fb group.
Issue #257 published 12 Sep 2021
Perils of auto-renew / auto-posting job ads. A sad digital monument to more than one broken system.
Issue #253 published 16 Aug 2021
Is this the most Australian job ad ever? Self deprecation is hard to communicate, but our friends down under seemed to have mastered it (see New Zealand police for another example). Simple, low cost, super powered employer branding. H/T brainfooder Hassanah Rudd for the share.
Issue #253 published 16 Aug 2021
NASA is looking for healthy, motivated U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are non-smokers, age 30 to 55 years old, and proficient in English for effective communication between crew and mission control. Crew selection will follow standard NASA criteria for astronaut candidate applicants.
Well brainfooders, what are you waiting for? Read more here, apply here
Issue #253 published 16 Aug 2021
Google 'directApply'
Somewhat under-the-radar update on Google for Jobs data schema, designed to reduce the steps required for a candidate to apply for a job discovered on GfJ. Google’s own technical update here, Chad and Cheese with a podcast overview here, Search Engine Land with a good post overview and brainfooder Steve Rothberg with an excellent breakdown of what it means for job boards and employer brand experts.
Issue #250 published 25 Jul 2021
The Jargon of Jobs
Are you guilt of using jargon in your job adverts? Canva researched over 40 million job ads to identify which industries and which states were most guilty of ‘taking it to the next level’. Fun bit of research - have a read
Issue #247 published 4 Jul 2021
Social Media Use In 2021
Pew Centre Research on some 1500 US adults on what social media they use. Method of data collection (calling people up??) skews this information but it is still useful to discern a segment of the US population gets its media. Online report here, download here
Issue #245 published 20 Jun 2021
Outrageous offer from the founder of AppSumo, who figured out that a recruiting fee would cost $100K whichever way you slice it, so why not push it out as a public bounty that anyone can claim? Have a read of the spec - I would imagine quite a few of us here would be able to hustle up a few names to submit as candidates. Twitter thread here, blog post here.
I’m not kidding - you should really give this a shot if you can.
H/T to brainfooder Martyn Redstone for the share in the fb group
Issue #244 published 13 Jun 2021
Apple Robbed The Mob's Bank
The fact that Apple has somehow got away with hijacking half the ad market, and still managed to retain public support due to Tim Cook’s masterful positioning as a privacy advocate is going to be a case study in framing the narrative. Excellent post here unpacking how the heist went down, what it means for advertising in general, and perhaps its downstream impact on the future of an Internet where pay-to-access walled gardens are the only game in town.
Issue #243 published 6 Jun 2021
Apple’s narrative on ad tracking as a noble defence of privacy comes under critique from sharper minds keen to the company’s impulse to dominate new markets. Fewer minds sharper than Benedict Evans, who breaks down the Apple strategy, what it means for advertisers, and maybe even - because the Internet is largely ad funded - to all of us. Essential reading
Issue #240 published 16 May 2021
iOS 14.5 & Recruitment Marketing
Apple pushes the nuclear button with App Tracking Transparency Big deal for any recruitment advertisers as attribution is going to get wrecked as the vast majority of users likely decide to opt out. Brainfooder Jelmer Koppelmans wrote this recruitment centric breakdown earlier in the year and it still relevant so must read if you are involved in recruitment marketing or advertising. LinkedIn also has a good collection of commentary on it - read it here
Issue #238 published 2 May 2021
With the cookie era coming to an end, it is imperative that recruitment marketers, advertisers and brand builders understand what is coming next. And we better be quick, as it seems what is next is already here with this soft launch experiment of Federated Learning of Cohorts or FloC. This is Google’s new way of ad targeting folks. A topic for Brainfood Live, clearly, but you might as well get a primer on it, here
Issue #234 published 4 Apr 2021
dearMoon 8 Crew Members Wanted!
Space X’s civilian Mission to the Moon will take place in 2023. In 2018, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maesawa or ‘MZ’, bought all 9 available seats - and now is opening up the remaining 8 for anyone to apply to join. Be cool to get a brainfooder to the moon wouldn’t it? It’s for real so apply here if you wanna….
Issue #230 published 7 Mar 2021
Clever bit of recruitment advertising by our buddies at MatchHR, using the song titles of a Spotify playlist to communicate a recruitment message. Probably not a scalable method, but undeniably clever and a great example of being creative in your recruiting.
Issue #226 published 7 Feb 2021
Nothing new in sneaking in recruitment ads in the source code but this idea was clever timing which foresaw that traffic to whitehouse.gov was going to spike following the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States. Well done the recruiter who suggested putting it in there, love to know who that might be. A brainfooder? I hope so. H/T brainfooder Bas van de Haterd for the share in the fb group
Issue #224 published 24 Jan 2021
Some of LinkedIn’s content was really good this year. Even some of the curation 😉. This post was one of the best, picking out some great examples of creative job posts which any of us can really get on with tomorrow. As a good a listicle as there was in 2020.
Issue #220 published 27 Dec 2020
Superb visualisation of where ad money has been going over the past 40 years, decline of TV is obvious, as is that of newspapers, losing out to big tech (main reason why broadcast media is so anti big tech…). Always opportunities for those who are early to new channels - whats next for us in this space? Worth a brainfood live early in the new year I think.
Issue #218 published 13 Dec 2020
Pretty spectacular assembly of creative job advertising. Love some of these, especially the in-game advertising in Animal Crossing. Some very easy-to-try examples also - get inspired and give one of these ideas a try. H/T to brainfooder Denys Dinkevych for the share
Issue #209 published 11 Oct 2020
I believe brainfooder Katrina Kibben mentioned this point in Brainfood Live a couple weeks ago - which caused me to look a bit deeper in the brainfood content queue and I fished out this post in response. Pretty much spot on. Must read if you’re writing job adverts
Issue #199 published 2 Aug 2020
Fascinating story on a platform ‘nudging’ employers to offer flexibility in job postings by repositioning the option to do so on the job creation flow, which in turn led to increased applicant rates after the job was posted. Can be read from an information architecture / UX point of view, and / or from the job seeker sentiment perspective. Either way, it’s definitely brainfood. H/T brainfooder Bas van de Haterd for the share
Issue #191 published 7 Jun 2020
Fantastic report from our buddies at Appcast - comprehensive and accessible. Must read for anyone thinking about recruitment media spend for 2020. H/T Mario Santiago for the share.
Issue #158 published 23 Apr 2020
Our buddies at Google Hire are putting together some excellent content. Some of it, straight-out-of-the-box useful. 50 free job posting sites, in one place. Check it out, here. H/T brainfooder Lauren Bass for the share
Issue #112 published 23 Apr 2020
Research from Appcast on 400 million ads and 3.7 million applications. Write shorter headlines, focus on benefits, mobilise optimise your job listing and pay attention to your Glassdoor ranking. Accessible report - download it here
Issue #93 published 23 Apr 2020
1000 Different People, The Same Words
Some interesting primary research from our buddies at Textio here. It turns out, people in the same companies use the same words in their job postings. The interpretation is that this maybe an important cultural signifier. Don’t underestimate the impact of copy / paste though. Thanks to brainfooder John Sumser for the share. 
Issue #62 published 23 Apr 2020
Google for Jobs - Explained
Google’s entry into the jobs space may be the story of the year for recruitment tech. Our buddies at LevelUp Ventures have created a simple and accessible explainer - check it out. 
Issue #54 published 23 Apr 2020
Excellent tips on job ad writing here from my buddy and long time brainfooder Lars Schmidt. My main takeaway: directly address the persona you want to apply for the job. Lars is also running the HR / TA benchmarking survey right now -please take a minute now to complete. 
Issue #76 published 23 Apr 2020
Great rejoiner from my buddy and long time brainfooder Rob Long on the value of free job posting sites. Don’t be a snob: here’s why you should use free job boards, and why advice against it is flawed.
Issue #59 published 23 Apr 2020
LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions blog really is a must follow. It’s all in-platform stuff but when it’s a platform you’re using everyday anyway, what’s the problem? Great insight on what makes an effective job post - read it here
Issue #96 published 23 Apr 2020
Richard Collins and the crew at ClickIQ have quickly become favourites of brainfood, mainly for quality data driven content like this. How much you should spend on your graduate recruitment advertising? Insight from 3000 job ads here. 
Issue #96 published 23 Apr 2020
Why Maslow Thinks Your Job Ads Suck
Great post from Workable’s Matt Buckland on incorporating Maslow’s psychology of human needs framework into your job ad. Likely many of us already do some elements of this, but equally likely not in the right order of priority. Have a read.
Issue #131 published 23 Apr 2020
I got into a conversation about online advertising on LinkedIn this week, and brainfooder Ryan Irving chimed with some real value add comments. It led me to discover this post he had written on how to improve your job ad. It’s excellent - improve your ad writing and have a read here
Issue #165 published 23 Apr 2020
Our buddies at ClickIQ are running a fascinating sector-by-sector series on recruitment ad spend. This week, it’s retail. Digestible how-to, backed with data aggregated across the ClickIQ platform. If you spend money on paid recruitment advertising, you need to read this series
Issue #102 published 23 Apr 2020
Important lawsuit against Facebook, with big implications for targeted ads. Facebook job ads can now be exposed to search, on the basis that not doing so would be exclusionary. This means more irrelevant applications, less value for employers paying for the ad. Begs important questions on the nature of job discovery - is everything that isn’t an open advert inherently exclusionary?
Issue #143 published 23 Apr 2020
Facebook’s ‘pivot to privacy’ was always going to have huge implications for recruiters. Earlier this year, it was the end of Graph Search; now it’s big changes on advertising. This is a great overview post by Jelmer Koppelmans - must read.
Issue #152 published 23 Apr 2020
Job Descriptions
Brainfooder Rob Kelly, CEO of Ongig, has been putting together an amazing resource on the artefact which still powers most of the recruitment world - the Job Description. History, method, case study - it’s all here. PS: H/T Pedro Oliveira for first bringing this to my attention.
Issue #110 published 23 Apr 2020
Great to see The Muse bring on a data scientist to blog about job ad performance. Some interesting analysis here on word count and how it correlates to CTR. Thanks brainfooder Chris Raw for the share
Issue #60 published 23 Apr 2020
In 2018 there is no more space for “Post and Pray” says Kiril Nikolaev, who has helpfully put together this list of programmatic advertising platforms for us to review. Great to see friends of brainfood - OnRecruit and ClickIQ in amongst the best. 
Issue #83 published 23 Apr 2020
Some excellent analysis again on Google for Jobs from Jeff Dickey-Chasins - a.k.a the Job Board Doctor. We need to pay attention this and to him. Also make sure to follow Joel Cheeseman, another commentator with a lot to say on Google for Jobs. 
Issue #39 published 23 Apr 2020
This Is How Ad Retargeting Works
Amazing twitter thread from Chris Yiu which is not only educational about a technology / technique which is readily applied to recruitment, but also a mature appraisal of the dangers of crude legislative corrections. Read until the end. 
Issue #88 published 23 Apr 2020
Forget the innocuous headline, this is big news from Indeed. Job adverts published by 3rd party recruiters will no longer be appearing in organic search as of next year. Along with GfJ prioritising direct employer ads, it’s clear that the era of the ‘blind agency advert’ is coming to an end. If you’re a recruiter who posts ads, you need to read this post.
Issue #106 published 23 Apr 2020
Tactical/Operational Wargamer
How about this for a job? Literally play games for a living. Scenario modelling of this type - a form of training AI - is purported to be the silver lining the clouds of workforce automation. For now though, this looks like a dream job for some gamer out there. 
Issue #65 published 23 Apr 2020
With the news that ‘look-a-like’ audience targeting has been ruled illegal under GDPR rules, it’s probably best to get in on facebook advertising whilst the getting is good. This excellent post from Vox Media shows us what makes an effective facebook advert.
Issue #148 published 23 Apr 2020
Big List of Job Posting Sites In 2020
The job advert remains a staple of the TA work we do - and even though we love to explore more creative and innovative ways to ID talent, a well written and well written job advert still has its place in your toolkit. Check out over 500+ sites to post jobs, broken down by country and territory, here
Issue #168 published 23 Apr 2020
Google for Jobs - G4J - was touted as the Indeed killer when it was first launched, but it seems that the early promise has given way to the trough of the disillusionment. What is going on? Fine speculation by Chris Russell here.
Issue #163 published 23 Apr 2020