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The Future of Recruiting 2024
LinkedIn’s annual Future of Recruiting report was released this week and of course it is a must read. The optimistic tones through was probably a result of the methodology - a combination of survey and behavioural data - and I wonder whether we might have been better off which a bit more tough love. For instance: are we really moving up the value chain as GenAI increases out productivity? Seems to be like we’re mostly reducing costs and shrinking out departments. We’re going to be talking about this next week Brainfood Live (see above) so make sure you tune in. Meanwhile, download the LinkedIn report here
Issue #387 published 10 Mar 2024
Short answer is ‘new hire retention’ + ‘new hire performance’. There’s a lot more to it than that of course, but if you need to start somewhere then this post from our buddies BrightHire will give you some great building blocks to construct a suitable approach. Partner with hiring managers, take responsibility for interview training, create consistent standards, get the on-boarding right and yes, use an interview analytics platform. Have a read folks
Issue #323 published 18 Dec 2022
Interesting post which centres the POV of the direct report in manager 1:1’s. Contrary to last week’s recommendation, this one keeps the meeting agenda free and driven by the needs of the employee. Cadence is important here - OP is doing this on a monthly basis. One for TA / HR leaders
Issue #290 published 1 May 2022
Pretty much a ‘meat and potatoes’ guide on tech hiring but it is clear and concise. Easy read reminder for experienced tech recruiters and an excellent how-to for those entering the industry. A lot of folks have these past 12 months - send them this.
H/T to brainfooder Denys Dinkevych 🇺🇦 for the share
Issue #282 published 6 Mar 2022
Moneyballing for Talent
A straight shooting account of what it is like to hire within the constrains of the business - and the external environment. You totally get the sense of the startup hustle with this account - it won’t be to everyone’s taste but it is an honest, practical and interesting read on hiring from another non-specialist in the field.
Issue #275 published 16 Jan 2022
Josh Bersin in a one person monologue (perhaps the most difficult form of podcasting), but he nails it as it’s really just him giving one of this signature presentation deliveries. It’s an optimistic appraisal of the future role of the recruiter - have a listen here
Issue #268 published 28 Nov 2021
Scaling Hiring At Speed
Always enjoy hearing about the how to maintain culture when hyper scaling. This week, it’s Katie Morrow, VP of People Operations at Podium with the one and only Matt Alder. Have a listen here.
Issue #268 published 28 Nov 2021
4 x New Recruiter Roles
We have the pleasure of having Kevin Blair on Brainfood Live at the start of this season, and a big part of that discussion was to figure out what the near future recruiting / TA department is going to look like. Essential reading if you plan to diversify the skills in your recruiting department
Issue #176 published 23 Apr 2020
What is the difference between a recruiter and the sourcer? And how best can the two work together? If you’ve ever asked those questions, then this essay is for you, co-written by Morgane Dalbergue (sourcer) and Caroline Chavier, tech recruiter and team mates at Agorize. Have a read here
Issue #131 published 23 Apr 2020
More wisdom from brainfood favourite Jeff Moore, who explains how to best report metrics to senior management. Lots of actionable insight here, including the critical importance of delivering actionable insight when reporting on the numbers. It’s a must read.
Issue #130 published 23 Apr 2020
Matěj Matolín , with an excellent overview of the See-Think-Do Framework as applied to recruitment. You’re going to enjoy this piece, and likely, get some actionable insight from it. Have a read, here.
Issue #133 published 23 Apr 2020