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Fantastic to see this podcast reach the 50 episode milestone - I would guess than less 5% of podcast ever get to this figure. It’s brainfooder Bas van de Haterd with an ensemble line up of guests, each giving their one piece of advice which made the greatest difference in their recruitment careers. Great listen
Issue #320 published 27 Nov 2022
Even CEO’s need coaching (maybe especially CEO’s…). One of the most prominent coaches is Matt Mochary, whose curriculum has somehow found its way on a Google Doc circulated online. Some good stuff here which is relevant to us - especially on mindset, communication, meeting management, leadership. Have a read.
Issue #319 published 20 Nov 2022
I like to think I know a decent amount about email, having sent over 5 million of them in the course of doing this newsletter, but I learned something from this post, particularly on better use of alias and multiple accounts. Lot of us struggle with this, the inbox is a busy place. Useful post for anyone looking to make it less busy
Issue #283 published 13 Mar 2022
We all likely have too many meetings so this excellent post from HBR breaks down 6 psychological reasons why it happens. ‘Meeting Amnesia’ is my favourite, also can confirm recent experience with ‘Pluralistic Ignorance’. Fun and likely very useful post - have a read
Issue #267 published 21 Nov 2021
Behaviour science behind habits - why we get stuck into bad ones and why they are - seemingly - so difficult to change. One for all of us to learn from I’d say - have a listen. H/T to brainfooder Bas van de Haterd for the share
Issue #260 published 3 Oct 2021
If you’re going to have a meeting in virtual reality or reality reality then I think these tips are still going to apply. Best piece of advice? Don’t record the debates, record the agreed outcomes. Must read for anyone who wants to have better meeting notes
Issue #254 published 22 Aug 2021
Some new terminology for us: ‘focus towers’, ‘context decay’, ‘interruption load’. One key idea in particular resonated with me: interruptions aren’t free. Written for developers by developers but I think applicable to any job role where focus and deep work are constantly undermined by interrupts. Interesting to see how all this plays out when the call to go back to the office is made….
PS: includes some handy productivity tips at the end, so have a read
Issue #242 published 30 May 2021
If there is one management lesson we can take from pandemic is that it is possible to over optimise for efficiency. We need slack (not the app) in our day, in order to respond effectively to unpredictable challenges and unexpected opportunities. Excellent post on why we need this, though it needs a part II on how to ensure it we get it.
Issue #241 published 23 May 2021
If the IT folks in the asian tech firm referred to in the report earlier did this, I suspect they might arrest some percentage of the productivity slide. Simple productivity hack we all to got to learn, especially in era of remote - consolidate your time and box it off. Have a read here
Issue #240 published 16 May 2021
‘Just leave it’ - I imagine Napoleon saying to his Marshalls when responding to yet another unnecessary demand on his time. In this example, his advice to his aides to leave all letters unopened for 3 weeks, with the view that the vast majority of issues will be resolved by the sender themselves in that time. If Bonaparte can apply it to matters of war, surely we can apply it to the corporate in tray. Fascinating, fun and maybe useful read
Issue #217 published 6 Dec 2020
The real problem of humanity is the following: we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology
So starts this outstanding article on how to energize, focus & recover. Includes quotes from Daniel Kahnemann as a bonus. H/T to brainfooder Heidi Wassini for the share.
Issue #194 published 28 Jun 2020
Although distractions aren’t necessarily your fault, they are your responsibility.
Important truism in this post from productivity coach Nir Eyal. Thankfully, he supports his lecture with a practical framework on how to do what he advised - to become ‘indistractable’. Have a read here
Issue #159 published 23 Apr 2020
In an era of permanent distraction, the ability to do consistently do ‘deep work’ might be one of the most important skills we can cultivate. Fadeke Adegbuyi has put together this comprehensive guide on how to do it. I’m thinking this is an essential read.
Issue #136 published 23 Apr 2020
Call to action to employees at Tesla this week - Electrek got a copy of the all hands email from Elon Musk, which you can read unabridged here. Lots of interesting points from Musk, especially his recommendations on productivity - walk out of bad meetings he says, as they are a waste of time.
Issue #80 published 23 Apr 2020
Forget fancy stuff folks, nothing is more important to a recruiter than micro optimisations of your time. OH subscriber James Lesner @Catawiki tells us about some of his techniques to get a little faster, a little bit better. This should be a series
Issue #28 published 23 Apr 2020
Once you have the network to crowdsource effectively you can consistently create value by collecting the ideas in one place. No - I’m not talking about brainfood - I’m talking about recruiters best frenemy, LinkedIn. This e-book contains both the obvious and the genius, so well worth a download. Do it here.
Issue #150 published 23 Apr 2020
The interaction between biology and productivity is going to be one of those near future correlations which will seem obvious those living in that time. Box’s VP Engineering Tomas Barreto will undoubtedly by amongst them, as he shares with us his personal ‘biohack’ routines. It’s fascinating and not entirely comfortable read
Issue #143 published 23 Apr 2020
This rant against Microsoft Teams is mainly interesting for how it unpacks the core features of 1-2-many messaging apps which all of us are using for company or community communications these days. The first step toward preventing these tools from becoming another noisy time sink is to understand some basic rules onhow to use them. Have a read if you’re starting to get tired of Slack, or indeed, Microsoft Teams
Issue #149 published 23 Apr 2020