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Meet Marta: The Movie
Product Marketing Manager Marta Puerto was made redundant and this was her response: an amazing video advertisement for her skills which deservedly went viral across LinkedIn last week. The alignment between the medium of communication and the substance of her skillset, was perfect. Also, see how the personality is communicated via this medium also. Now not everyone should be shooting movie quality videos like this - but do have a think about a) how you can publicly provide evidence for how you work and b) communicate your personality, at scale. H/T to brainfooder Matt Bradburn for the share
Issue #386 published 3 Mar 2024
Best LinkedIn Post Ever
…it’s definitely up there. Original Linkedin post from Finlay here
Issue #352 published 9 Jul 2023
Firstly, congratulations to brainfooder Ben Philips for finding a new role - we look forward to the official announcement shortly. Secondly, well done on posting this retro - some valuable insight on the mindset, approach and actions that help any recruitment professional involuntarily made redundant. All these tips are outstanding, especially 2 and 3. Must read for anyone on the market.
Issue #347 published 4 Jun 2023
Short answer: Yes. Some interesting research from Interviewing.io who studied whether successful candidates on their platform had previously used the OpenToWork badge feature on their LinkedIn profiles. Turns out that those that did, seemed to have more success vs those who didn’t, but only during downturns. Study seems a bit sparse but the findings are thought provoking and for recruiters currently out of work, potentially useful
Issue #340 published 16 Apr 2023
My initial skepticism on this post evaporated after I clicked through a few of the slides presented in this LinkedIn post. I have not thought too much about LinkedIn headlines for a while - thought there was not much to learn - but stand corrected after reading this superb breakdown over what makes a headline effective. Have a read if you haven’t thought about this topic for a while either. H/T to brainfooder Vincent Romano for the share.
Issue #334 published 5 Mar 2023
Rare opportunity it see the awesome Debbie McGrath and Matt Charney shoot the breeze on all things recruiting, including the relevance of rankings and lists. Entertaining, insightful in equal measure. Have a watch here
Issue #291 published 8 May 2022
Recruiters remain disappointingly unconvinced about the merits of personal branding, which is a shame because when the competition for candidate attention is as fierce as this, every little bit is going to help. The awesome Amelia Sordell with the words of wisdom and encouragement. Have a listen here
Issue #287 published 10 Apr 2022
Also titled: ‘Five ways to build a strategic network’ and what do you know, this post actually does deliver five practical techniques. This topic is often viewed from the POV of the individual whereupon it becomes a personal branding exercise, but this view from the organisation POV converts it into network analysis. Must read for everybody
Issue #268 published 28 Nov 2021
Not sure about stunningly clever but these are definitely unorthodox techniques by Andy Foote on how to upgrade your LinkedIn game. In particular, the different permissions on desktop vs mobile is a new thing for me and definitely worth exploring. Qualifies as a ‘must read’, so do it here.
Issue #125 published 23 Apr 2020
Do you know Oleg Vishnepolsky? Silly question because of course you do. Oleg is one of the most intriguing case studies on how game the LinkedIn newsfeed algorithm - it led him to becoming perhaps the most (in)famous man on it. It might not even be an exaggeration to say that has helped LinkedIn evolve its algorithm to counter this approach. It appears to working, as Oleg is turning to video in his next effort to keep his profile ‘top of mind’….
Issue #142 published 23 Apr 2020
So this is a great post which proves what we already knew - LinkedIn Endorsements are worthless. Good to see the data behind it though, something that Aline Lerner does this better than most. 
Issue #22 published 23 Apr 2020
Want to stand out on the world’s most annoying social network? Here are 7 tips to outshine everyone on LinkedIn. It’s funny, because its true
Issue #67 published 23 Apr 2020