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Love it when managers write about recruiting - the content is always refreshingly free of caveat and cliche. Here is a software engineering manager having a go at explaining why onboarding goes wrong, and what you can do to improve it. Check out the templates at the end of the post too - excellent resources for anyone looking to formalise and upgrade your onboarding experience
Issue #290 published 1 May 2022
Q: When you first started work, how much valuable job knowledge did you gain that was formally trained vs informally observed? Hybrid, shift to remote, is going to be particularly challenging for new hires. Powerful case for a return to on-premise, though perhaps as a transition stage, specifically for new recruits? No one has suggested this yet, so lets do it here, and now.
Issue #243 published 6 Jun 2021
Maybe a little too cute for some people’s liking but surely credit must go to Aurecon for doing something about the unreadable legalese that are employment contracts. H/T to brainfooders Mark Mansour and Pavi Iyer for bringing this to my attention.
Issue #111 published 23 Apr 2020
Promising series from French tech startup Sqreen on putting culture at the forefront of their business. H/T to brainfooder Alison Eastaway for leading the way - not only doing it, but being open with the journey - we look forward to following.
Issue #110 published 23 Apr 2020