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You have to be brave to unlock internal mobility; how about converting all your employees into recruiters by actively rewarding them for internal referrals? Some insight on Spotify’s Echo - internal Talent Marketplace - one to keep an eye on.
Issue #276 published 23 Jan 2022
Another exception long read from FirstRound, collating input from startup leaders and CHRO’s on how to build your career plan. Can be read both ways - as an individual looking to optimise your chances and your choices, or as an employer thinking about internal mobility, employee well being and performance management.
Issue #269 published 5 Dec 2021
IM is going to be a critically important component to the future of TA; if we don’t grasp the opportunity and the responsibility for it, we are going to shrink in as a department and as a function. This report on the state of IM is easy reading for the paint points which have so far prevented IM from being anyone’s top priority. Time to make it ours. NB: read alongside Profinda’s piece on ’Opportunity Marketplaces
Issue #218 published 13 Dec 2020