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Visual storytelling on the inequities of the gig economy. Hammering the inevitable though isn’t the way - collective organisation and community ownership of the means of production, distribution and consumption, might be. 
Issue #36 published 23 Apr 2020
“A.I. Researchers Are Making More than $1 Million at a Nonprofit” declares the NYT. Observations on salary inflation for AI skills by Peter Yuen. NB: It’s a race to ultimately automate the function out of existence. 
Issue #81 published 23 Apr 2020
The “agglomeration effect” is a well known economic phenomenon which leads to clustering of businesses, jobs and workers, typically in expanding urban spaces. It’s one of the hidden stories of our era. This accessible post by Elad Gil, explains the phenomenon from a startup perspective - and relevant to us when we think about where exactly to put a team. Have a read here
Issue #144 published 23 Apr 2020