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Well written and supported case study on cultural change. Of course we must watch out of survivor bias, but there’s nuggets of actionable insight to be gleaned from this case study from Meetup.com
Issue #10 published 23 Apr 2020
Why you should always keep a journal. Superb insight from Peter Goldsborough, a young man who recently attended a 3 month internship with the most popular employer on the planet. Also a fantastic piece of personal branding building / PR. This is how you get a great job folks. 
Issue #10 published 23 Apr 2020
Love this series from HROS - comprehensive, in-depth, and consistent. Kudos to my buddy Lars Schmidt for being the driving force behind the HR Open Source movement. 
Issue #11 published 23 Apr 2020
The obvious application of VR / MR is going to be an office tour. So great to see Amanda Hippe of Intuit take on the idea and apply it for graduate recruiting. Everyone is going to be doing this, so take a look folks
Issue #30 published 23 Apr 2020
Always interesting to see Startups eat their own dog food - even if it might not taste entirely right. Here’s how Slack use Slack to to recruit / organise recruitment
Issue #30 published 23 Apr 2020
If you don’t know about this case study series by #HROS, you really should by now. Excellent work by OH subscribers Lars Schmidt and Chris Brown, Head of People Analytics at SoundCloud.
Issue #28 published 23 Apr 2020
Great example of a tech company which is thinking about the hiring. Each job role has a context specific online assessment which you can take straight away. Love Toggl (which is also a great time keeping tool by the way)
H/T to On Hiring reader James Lesner for the share
Issue #9 published 23 Apr 2020
It’s always great to see HR Tech companies walking the talk. Greenhouse do this as well as anyone, and this outstanding post from Head of People, Maia Josebachvili, does a great job of explaining the approach. 

Issue #9 published 23 Apr 2020
Happy and productive. Two things all team managers strive for but rarely achieve. Always great to see a company talk about their process, especially one that highlights their use of their own product. We’ll let them off as it’s Basecamp
Issue #8 published 23 Apr 2020