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“Created a fake LI profile to use as an example for my next youtube video. Added NOT REAL to my headline, added This is NOT a real profile disclaimer all over. It’s been less than 1 hour & I already have recruiters reaching out with jobs… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?
"you people” - that somewhat triggering term - means us recruiters of course. An interesting example of the over-use of mass messaging techniques by recruiters in a candidate short market. Problem is, negative backlash to a single actors behaviour is diffused across the entire industry….
Issue #267 published 21 Nov 2021
Employee Counter Offer Survey
Cool report which measures how accurate recruiter perceptions are on the effectiveness of counter offers. Turns out, we routinely underestimate how often employees would accept a counter offer. Have a read here
Issue #264 published 31 Oct 2021
…..asked this commentator on Hacker News, which triggered some interesting responses from other commentators on ‘how to decide which recruiters to block’. A pretty good reveal on how highly skilled, in-demand workers think - useful for recruiters who care about candidate experience.
Issue #261 published 10 Oct 2021
Brainfood Tim Sanchez, Global head of Talent Acquisition at Millicom makes his podcast debut on the excellent Recruitment Revealed show. Lucid brainfood - have a listen here
Issue #259 published 26 Sep 2021
Interesting writing (again) by brainfooder Jan Tegze on the cost to the business of bad candidate experience. The idea that the more candidates you attract, also means the more candidates you have to reject, leading to increased reputational risk to the business if you do it badly or not at all, is an idea I had not thought about. A good reason to moderate your candidate attraction policies for less but better. Have a read.
Issue #249 published 18 Jul 2021
Do we ever think about this? How much mental pressure are we putting on candidates when we invite them into our recruiting ‘process?’ No wonder everyone hates the job search. OP here focuses on D&I but I think everyone would benefit from a ‘low anxiety hiring’. Here’s some ideas
Issue #239 published 9 May 2021
Superb resource from our buddies at Talenthub. I like this not only for the solutions but especially for the breakdown as to why your current methods are inadequate 🤣. Have a read here if you care about improve your candidate’s experience, really great stuff
Issue #238 published 2 May 2021
Candidate Expectations 2021
Outstanding report from our buddies Cronofy, who surveyed 6500 job candidates from US, UK, Germany and France who had gone through hiring in the past 12 months, to clarify the importance of interview logistics. It’s a surprisingly important component for hiring success. Summary here, full report here, infographic here
Issue #237 published 23 Apr 2021
This is an interesting survey, particularly in connecting the stage of application with how candidate experience recruiting. Got me thinking…..what is the psychology behind providing poor ratings? It might not always (or even frequently) be accurate assessment. H/T to brainfooder Bas van de Haterd for the share, and for our buddies at Starred releasing it beyond the reg wall. Have a read here
Issue #226 published 7 Feb 2021
Fjord Trends 2021
You can expect anything that Fjord produces to be a superbly slick user experience. Their Trends 2021 interactive report provides insights into emerging trends in business, technology & design focused on meeting human needs. If ‘design thinking’ was ever a thing for you, then this post is for you.
Issue #224 published 24 Jan 2021
“Customers have made the move to messaging, but brands lag behind” - is the main point on this excellent annual report from Conversocial. Swap in ‘candidate’ for 'customer’ and all of this suddenly becomes relevant. H/T brainfooder Martyn Redstone for the share in the fb group
Issue #223 published 17 Jan 2021
Stunning reportage from journalist Ryan Lam who saw a job ad for an Amazon warehouse worker as an opportunity to document a human free recruiting experience. He got to the job and verdict on the experience? Weirdly ok.
Issue #220 published 27 Dec 2020
Fascinating reportage on an experience which many thousands of warehouse workers already know - getting hired without any human recruiter or interviewer involved. Author ends up lamenting the ‘over automation’ of the experience, but perhaps makes the error in thinking that a 'human heavy’ experience is necessarily better (google 'recruiters are….etc)
Issue #201 published 16 Aug 2020
Candidate Experience Statistics
What do job candidates care about? 1000+ US Mechnical Turkers answer the survey. Bit of a messy report, but readable enough here. H/T Denys Dinkevych - again - for the share ( 👈 follow Denys obviously)
Issue #194 published 28 Jun 2020
Voice Search Analysis
We found that people confide in Alexa, asking questions like “Alexa, what are the chances I’ll be infected?,” “Alexa, I’m scared,” and “Alexa, am I going to die?”
Voice search carries emotional valence not apparent in written search enquiries. Portentous implications for data privacy & candidate experience in this excellent report from RAIN & PulseLabs
Issue #189 published 24 May 2020
Guess what? Candidates are asking about Covid-19 and what your lay-off policy might be when they visit your career page. Nice piece of research from our buddies at jobpal - important read for those who care about candidate experience and employer brand
Issue #188 published 17 May 2020
‘Recruiter bashing’ is a popular sport on the internet. In part this comes from lack of transparency, in part through a lack of empathy. Sometimes, though, complaints goes too far. Rebecca Hudson’s important post shows where this line is crossed. H/T brainfooder Tris Revill for the share. 
Issue #58 published 23 Apr 2020
You only have one chance to on-board your new hires. So why do we consistently neglect this critical stage in the recruiting process? Great Fastcompany post on Finnish company Reaktor on how they do. Main takeaway is: do the simple stuff that doesn’t scale. 
Issue #61 published 23 Apr 2020
WhatsApp unveiled their full Business API this week and our buddies at jobpal have broken down what this may mean for recruiting; potential automation of their communications with candidates via WhatsApp. If you’re a recruiter, you need to keep an eye on this development. Check out their post here.
Issue #96 published 23 Apr 2020
How cool is this? Brainfooder Deborah Caulet publishes online guides for candidates on how they can ace the Blinkist interview process. Hiring isn’t about tripping candidates up, it’s about allowing them to be the best they can be. Mature and innovative recruitment - and something everyone can do.
Issue #118 published 23 Apr 2020
Zalando do a lot of things well but this attention to candidate experience is an excellent example of commitment to learning. H/T Chris Raw for the share
Issue #52 published 23 Apr 2020
My Amazon Interview Horror Story
The internet is not short of tales of terrible candidate experience. Incidents of the type that Igor Kromin endured might be extreme but not unusual, as perhaps can be seen on the following thread on Hacker News. Risk mitigation from permanent-hire-as-default is the problem. Answer is more obvious than we might think.
Issue #109 published 23 Apr 2020
How We Hire - Bytemark Careers
Excellent example of transparency from UK hosting company, Bytemark - a simple and elegant clickable webpage which details their recruitment process. Can we see how this might reduce or even eliminate candidate angst? H/T to brainfooder Sjamilla van de Tooren for the share. 
Issue #114 published 23 Apr 2020
We'll Pay You In Experience!
“Recruiting Hell / We’ll Pay You In Experience” is an open forum where recruiters and job seekers alike bemoan the industry and each other. It’s crushing & funny, in equal measure. H/T to brainfooder Tony Pitchford for the share. 
Issue #72 published 23 Apr 2020
Derek Zeller is one of the grand old men in recruiting (hope you don’t mind me saying so Derek!). This is a superbly written defence of the recruiting profession to which he has been a credit for over 20 years. Recruiting and job search, needs the human touch
Issue #63 published 23 Apr 2020
Hands down my favourite giveaway of the year. From our buddies at Ph.Creative, this guide is packed full of theory, practice, examples, how-to and why-now. Ridiculous that it’s free, but it is. 
Issue #63 published 23 Apr 2020
Typical Mistakes Recruiters Make
Sometimes you just have to do an AMA. Our buddies at Landing Jobs took the brave decision bring candidates and recruiters together in this collaborative spreadsheet. It’s lo-fi, for the content, comments and conversations, are gold.
Issue #63 published 23 Apr 2020
Love these case studies from LinkedIn Business - cameo portraits that provide just enough detail to be both accessible and actionable. 4 great and different examples here, including one from long time ‘foodie Ben Gledhill, at Yodel
Issue #131 published 23 Apr 2020
Google Hire’s content team are starting to produce some excellent brainfood. Check out this post which details six ways in which great candidate experiences positively impact performance metrics like reapplication rates, cost savings and revenue generated. Thanks to brainfood Lauren Bass for the share.
Issue #102 published 23 Apr 2020
Do you follow Jan Tegze? You really should. He’s a recruitment blogger who consistently finds new angles on what may be old stories. Here he is applying equations to bad candidate experience and providing evidence why it’s bad for your bottom line. 
Issue #75 published 23 Apr 2020
There is No Funnel. Or Spoon
Is the candidate funnel the right mental model to think about recruitment? It’s definitely the one we default to using. Martin Burns asks the big questions in this thought provoking post. 
Issue #51 published 23 Apr 2020
CandE Research Reports
The TalentBoard - led my buddies and fellow brainfooders Gerry Crispin and Kevin Grossman - provide the most comprehensive data on candidate experience in the industry. You can download reports for North America, EMEA and APAC on this link. I’ve the read EMEA report - believe me, if you care about candidate experience at all, you should too. 
Issue #150 published 23 Apr 2020
Now this is a tech company taking candidate experience seriously. Once you move from ‘applicant’ to 'candidate’, a proprietary app will be made available to guide you through the entire process. More people should know about this. 
Issue #45 published 23 Apr 2020
A Career Cold Start Algorithm
Simple protocol by Facebook’s VP of AR, Andrew Bosworth who’s developed an algorithm for self-directed on-boarding. It’s …quite obviously a very good system and behooves us in HR / TA to reverse engineer it and implement. 
Issue #74 published 23 Apr 2020
Pretty much this….the main frustration which spurs candidates negative view of recruiting is the lack of interaction after initial interest. Chatbot’s or ‘conversational interfaces’ the solution? I think so. Check out 'foodie Chris Raw’s post as he makes the case here. H/T Denis Dinkevich (again) for the share.
Issue #133 published 23 Apr 2020
When you don’t delegate decision making to your front-line recruiters, you can terrible candidate experience like this. A series of screenshots between a tech recruiter going by script and an experienced developer who understandably got a little upset. 
Issue #56 published 23 Apr 2020
There are few writers in the recruitment world that can really write. Derek Zeller is one of them. Poignant letter from the heart from an industry legend. 
Issue #56 published 23 Apr 2020
Joe Riggs has some simple how-not-to’s for tech recruiters. You can sense his frustration through this short post - it’s a serious problem when agency vs candidate have this level of antagonism. We all know this - we know less about how to fix it. 
Issue #7 published 23 Apr 2020
In recruiting, we often forget about applicant or candidate bandwidth. How much time does someone have to spend in order to get a job? Jeff Kolesky here records the amount of time he spent talking in order to get one job - turns out it’s quite a lot. 
Issue #22 published 23 Apr 2020
Tech Interview Torture Chamber
More despair from developers on the broken recruitment experience. The prevailing sense is that submission is required on the part of the candidate. We can change this. The ‘candidate funnel’ has to go. 
Issue #22 published 23 Apr 2020
Rejecting Great Candidates
Here’s where the phone call is still the only channel folks. Long time brainfooder, Stevie Buckley writes about the excuses we make in not making the tough call, and why we simply have to toughen up. 
Issue #57 published 23 Apr 2020
Jeff Moore, Staffing Manager at Google, comes up with some excellent tips on how to rethink and redo the candidate rejection process. It’s a golden opportunity to create brand evangelists and future candidates for future position folks. H/T to brainfooder Lauren Bass for the share - it’s a must read
Issue #106 published 23 Apr 2020
Kevin Wheeler takes the entire industry to task with this polemic on candidate experience. He’s probably right, but we do have to start somewhere. 
Issue #15 published 23 Apr 2020
The Talent Board Resources
Great archive of candidate experience resources, webinars and research papers from the Talent Board. Take a bow Gerry Crispin, Kevin Grossman and crew for putting this together. Some of it behind a reg wall, but most of it isn’t, so take a deep dive here.
Issue #147 published 23 Apr 2020
Do we need another open letter from a developer about how crap recruiters are? Answer is ‘no’, I think but this post does provide some insight into the psychology of those with 'abundance bias’, as well as the heightened (perhaps impossible? certainly impractical) attention to candidate experience required to engage. Edge case, or something we can learn?
Issue #20 published 23 Apr 2020
Bas van de Haterd’s annual research on Corporate Career Sites is out. Dutch sample but really interesting for in house recruiters in any territory, particularly on methodology, standards, testing rigour and , of course, benchmarking. No email reg wall - just download the report here
Issue #172 published 23 Apr 2020
LinkedIn’s Brendan Browne on interviews, assessment and candidate experience. The understated problem of recruiting is the asymmetry of power between company vs candidate. It’s on us as recruiters to equalise it. Check out the post here and Brendan’s to-the-camera piece here
Issue #84 published 23 Apr 2020