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32 items in AR / VR

Ground breaking interview between Lex Fridman and Mark Zuckerberg, likely the first one ever where photorealistic 3-d avatars conduct a conversation in the Metaverse. Obviously the hardware constraints will remain a huge friction point for mass adoption, but we once thought the same for mobile phones. Applications for hiring, future of work and collaboration, should be obvious.
Issue #364 published 1 Oct 2023
If you were thinking of splashing out $3500 for Apples Vision Pro, have a read of this brilliant critique from Scott Galloway first. He sees it as a ‘dead product’ primarily because we inherently don’t like putting things on our face, especially things which necessarily obscures our vision (i.e ‘immersive’). I think he’s right….AR may become a thing but actively dislocating from reality in order to achieve high fidelity might just come up against our primal evolutionary instincts.
Issue #349 published 18 Jun 2023
With Apple rolling out it’s vision for the Metaverse - now rebranded as Spatial Computing - its timely for us to hear from Mark Zuckerberg again on the Lex Fridman podcost with an other 2 hour + deep dive into the future of still the most significant company in the social web. Essential listening.
Issue #348 published 11 Jun 2023
Apple Vision
Apple announced their much anticipated AR / VR device at WWDC last week, and by some enthusiastic accounts, it’s an IPod like game changer for wearables. The main innovation seems to be use of high fidelity cameras to create mini screens directly in from of your eyes, giving the wearer the illusion of seeing through the goggles. This is actually paradigm shift from augmented reality, which we had previously assumed would rely on a transparent screen which would overly digital information on top of what we actually see. Its fascinating stuff…and this post is as good and accessible summary as you’ll find. Recruitment use cases? I can imagine ad placement-in-apple-reality would be pretty mind blowing
Issue #348 published 11 Jun 2023
Another new term for us to learn: ‘cognitive liberty’ - an update to human rights, including the right to cognitive privacy. Fascinating conversation, and whichever our feelings on the matter, we might all agree that the legislative environment is insufficient a future which is already here. Colin McNicol for the share in the online community
Issue #344 published 14 May 2023
Beginnings of AI + wearable may well save the Metaverse; not necessarily Zuckerberg’s vision of inhabiting a cartoon full time, but of AI augmented reality wearables providing people with + intelligence on how to interact in the in-person world. As ever, experiments are conducted in the wild, by individual enthusiasts.
Issue #343 published 7 May 2023
One way to ameliorate bias might be to simply not hire human beings. After all, if you can hire a virtual person to do the work, why wouldn’t you? Fascinating market developing which has some compelling use cases and which points a future which is quite frankly is already here. Better buy that haptic suit before the whole thing becomes entirely programmed…
Issue #326 published 8 Jan 2023
Cynics will say ‘not much’ but with Microsoft and Apple joining Meta in building the augmented reality future, it will be only a matter of time they stumble onto the killer application for this type of immersive experience. The current fixation with hardware improvements is an early stage challenge - feels similar to video 3g phones in the pre-smart phone era. Someone is going to crack it though and this balanced overview gives us some ideas as who and how.
Issue #325 published 1 Jan 2023
Big things happening in big tech - Meta + Microsoft teaming up to move work into the Metaverse, whilst Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduces a brief update on the Project Starline video conferencing technology. Zoom’s doomed. H/T to brainfooder Nathan Perrott for the share
Issue #315 published 23 Oct 2022
There’s no question that Zuckerberg’s abandonment of the social web to pivot onto the Metaverse will go down as one of the biggest decisions ever made within a single business. Whether he succeeds or fails, this keynote will tell you more on the direction of travel. Have a watch.
Issue #314 published 16 Oct 2022
There are only a few podcasts which can get real live players to sit down and go through a multi-hour on air conversation. Mark Zuckerberg on the future of AR / VR, which he is hoping to build. Not entirely convincing vision but it is a vision nonetheless. Have a listen
Issue #307 published 28 Aug 2022
Video of presentation by James Whatley on what the Metaverse is. A critique and a deep analysis of online spaces. It’s a bit of a screed but perhaps thats the value. H/T to brainfooder Oscar Mager for the share in the fb group
Issue #304 published 7 Aug 2022
Now for a complete change of pace, check out this demo on how AR / VR might work if the glasses actually worked. Francis Chen is a San Francisco based AR / VR artist and his work does a great job of at least setting the scene on what is close to hand when it comes to augmented reality. It’s a brilliant short video
Issue #304 published 7 Aug 2022
Hardware adoption remains the barrier to doing stuff in the Metaverse - simply put, not enough people have access to an Occulus, and those that do will be from higher income backgrounds, leading to clear DEIB challenges. Having said that, we can imagine a future where these devices become ubiquitous and employers who have already figured out how to be present in these spaces, will win that future competition for talent. Might Capgemini be one of them? H/T Colin McNicol for the share in the fb group
Issue #299 published 3 Jul 2022
We’re going to look back at Zuckerberg’s pivot to Meta has one of the biggest bets ever placed in the world of business - not only a bet that his company would dominate a new field, but that it would actually create it, sacrificing one of the world’s most profitable companies in order to do so. Short video progress update. btw add me on Occulus if you have a set, I will play you on Beat Sabre or something.
Issue #298 published 26 Jun 2022
“…once people adopt this training, it’s tough to go back to computer-based training. This is just so immersive and engaging that companies will definitely be adding this to their overall training solutions…”
True for anyone who has ever put on an Occulus I think. It is the near total immersion which gets you. Good article from BBC on how AR / VR is being implemented for training and upskilling.
Issue #287 published 10 Apr 2022
I won’t pretend that a 184 page document on the Metaverse is going to be easy reading, but a surface scan of this massive tome suggests that it well worth downloading as a keep-and-refer-to-it-later kind of resource. Accessible language, excellent illustrations - grab a copy here
Issue #287 published 10 Apr 2022
Cool interview by Azeem with New York University professor of philosophy and neural science David Chalmers, on what the metaverse might offer us, the moral quandaries it could pose, and what our rights there might look like. I think it will be pretty good tbh.
Issue #286 published 3 Apr 2022
Follow up on the Metaverse Jobfair post from last week, this discussion from brainfooder Bas van de Haterd throws the idea around some more. I have to say, I think that accessibility is the only challenge, significant though it is certainly is, to Metaverse jobfairs being a thing.
Issue #284 published 20 Mar 2022
Apologies for the Business Insider link but this story is one of the few relevant ones on the Metaverse which is worth trying to read. It kind of resonated with own first experience of AR/VR conference a couple of years ago - it is weird but also pretty cool. Let me know if anyone is setting up one of these things. Maybe I have to do it actually, given the size of the brainfood audience - do enough people have an Occulus? H/T to brainfooder Bas van de Haterd for the share.
Issue #283 published 13 Mar 2022
Not many people - other than US congress - can get 2 hours with Mark Zuckerberg. Lex Fridman can and his interviews are always fascinating conversations about deep topics. Future direction of Meta and what it means for work.
Issue #282 published 6 Mar 2022
Love this mashup of the creator economy + AR / VR. There is actually no reason why a human being is a more compelling digital presence than a fully digital being in digital spaces. Fascinating account of the virtual youtube stars of Japan.
Issue #270 published 12 Dec 2021
So Immersed are an AR / VR software app and their developers have to ‘eat their own dog food’ by coding entirely in Virtual Reality. It’s a longer-than-it-needed-to-be read yet nevertheless an interesting experiment on what the near future work environment is going to look like. Are we all going to end up ‘strapping in’? I can see it.
Issue #261 published 10 Oct 2021
Fair to say I’m a AR / VR truther having found real value in the Occulus during lockdowns but I have to say, I think this is too soon a move for fb. Headsets are to unwieldy for every day use, so Workrooms will be relegated at best to episodic special occasion use. It’s an attempt at the post zoom future though, so we can applaud them for at least moving in that direction. H/T brainfooder Martyn Redstone for the share in the fb group
PS: looks like you can dial in via laptop so if anyone is up for joining a ‘Brainfood Workroom’ in the Metaverse - let me know….
Issue #254 published 22 Aug 2021
Extraordinary footage of avatar operators recording a music single, whilst performing the song in haptic suits. My mind is blown so I’m not even sure I’m getting the words right to describe what I’m seeing. Ready Player One? Not.At.All. But lets do it anyway
Issue #250 published 25 Jul 2021
So this guy decided to spend a month doing his coding entirely from Altspace. Key lessons from the experience? Buy moisturizing eyedrops. Great experiment and an early foray in what undoubtedly will become the default workspace for many of us in the foreseeable future.
Issue #244 published 13 Jun 2021
What’s the difference between working in AR/VR environment vs Remote? The tech is too immature for practical use, never mind mass adoption, but there is something there - mainly us, fully present in a way we can’t be if we’re looking at screen based interfaces. Nice piece of digital anthropology here. This is the future, so have at it
Issue #229 published 28 Feb 2021
The Virtual Economy is a system of sophisticated platforms, fledgling marketplaces, volatile assets, nixers & pioneers that exist solely in virtual environments.
We’re all going to get on this train at some point, so you might as well hop on now, into this superbly rendered, massively comprehensive, totally immersive experience. H/T to brainfooder Matt Best for the share in the fb group
Issue #193 published 21 Jun 2020
Surely there is no better idea than to do team meetings in massively immersive video games? Here’s a story of a bunch of creatives deciding to abandon Zoom for the wild west of Red Dead Redemption. If anyone is up for, I’m totally game
Issue #189 published 24 May 2020
Spatial turns the space around you into a 3d shared AR workplace. Remote users can collaborate, search, brainstorm and share content as if they were in the same room with an augmented reality headset.
Is this another Humpback-in-the-classroom stunt? I hope not, because if half of this is real, we’ll be making substantive progress in getting AR into the world of work. Watch the video here, sign up for their marketing here.
Issue #107 published 23 Apr 2020
$610 million real estate firm eXp Realty doesn’t have a real-life office. Instead, it lets employees collaborate and mingle on a virtual island that can be accessed from any computer. Think Sims, but real / not real / really real. The end of the office is nigh as this post from Business Insider Tech shows.
Issue #94 published 23 Apr 2020
So Google also did this - buying a VR company called Owlchemy Labs. They produced this Job Simulator, so I’m putting 2+2 and making 5 here. Maybe this is something. maybe not. Play the game though, it’s cool.
Issue #32 published 23 Apr 2020